About Us


Message from Mike Finch (Director)

Hi there! Thank you for coming to our homepage! My name is Mike Finch and I am the head teacher / director at Grow. Each day, myself and the staff here work hard to continually lift up and teach our children through fun activities~. We believe that every activity is a chance to enthuse and inspire our children while creating a warm, supportive,caring and safe atmosphere. We welcome each child’s individuality, nurture their self-confidence and develop within them a life-long love of learning. In short, we love GROWing kids and we welcome you to join our family of students 🙂

– Mike Finch (Founder & Director)

Our Staff

  • Adam
    Adam Manitoba, Canada
  • Yoshika
    Yoshika Nagoya, Japan
  • Brittany
    Brittany San Francisco, California
  • Mike
    Mike Vancouver, Canada
  • Nick
    Nick Brisbane, Australia
  • Rosa
    Rosa Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Maki
    Maki Nagoya, Japan
  • Yumiko
    Yumiko Nagoya, Japan
  • Sayaka
    Sayaka Nagoya, Japan
  • Haruka
    Haruka Gifu, Japan
  • Mai
    Mai Nagoya, Japan
  • Reed
    Reed Arizona, USA

Course Options

  • Baby & Mama Course

    Baby & Mama Course

    Age: 6–24 months
    Lesson: 45 minutes
    Day: Thursday
    Our Baby & Mama course builds the foundations for learning while being in the safety and care of mom. Stimulating the 5 senses with a lot of music, rhythm, colors, shapes & laughs! We set the stages for mental, physical and emotional development with your child.

  • Toddler Preschool

    Toddler Preschool

    Age: 1.5–3 years old
    Time: 9:30–1:30
    Day: From 2-5 times / week, M-F
    Using picture books, music, art and imagination, your child will begin his adventure away from mom! Small class sizes with 2 teachers (one native speaker and one bilingual Japanese teacher) and new friends, build a fun foundation for learning and social skills!

  • Kindy Course (English Kindergarten Course)

    Kindy Course (English Kindergarten Course)

    Ages: 3–6 years old
    Time: 9:30–2:00(5-6yo) 9:40–2:10(4-5yo) 9:30–2:20(3-4yo)
    Days: Monday to Friday
    Our custom, 100% English, age-appropriate curriculum is co-taught by 2 teachers (one native English speaking teacher & one bilingual Japanese staff). We motivate children to positively ask “Why?” and to discover the answers found all around them. Through exercise, music, painting and STEM we give the children the skills necessary to Grow in a free and fun atmosphere.

  • Afterschool & Saturday Courses

    Afterschool & Saturday Courses

    Age: 4 to 10
    Length: 90 / 150 min (After), 240 min (Sat)
    Days: Monday – Saturday
    English conversation classes created for children attending Japanese kindergartens and elementary schools to brush up their English level. All classes are taught 100% in English with a focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We balance academic learning with active learning methods such as TPR, as well as heavy heaps of FUN!

  • GGC (Grow Grad Club) – Returnee / Advanced Class

    GGC (Grow Grad Club) – Returnee / Advanced Class

    Age: Elementary Grade 1-3
    Time: 4 – 6
    Days: Monday – Friday (minimum 3 days / week)
    This course is designed for children with native level speaking skills. It specializes in increasing vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar and communication. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) teaching methods are also incorporated to help children think outside of the box and use their language skills to problem solve.

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