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2019 Early Childhood Education Subsidy Japan

Course Options

  • Baby & Mama Course

    Baby & Mama Course

    Age: 6–24 months
    Lesson: 45 minutes
    Day: Thursday
    Our Baby & Mama course builds the foundations for learning while being in the safety and care of mom. Stimulating the 5 senses with a lot of music, rhythm, colors, shapes & laughs! We set the stages for mental, physical and emotional development with your child.

  • Toddler Preschool

    Toddler Preschool

    Age: 1.5–3 years old
    Time: 9:30–1:30
    Day: From 2-5 times / week, M-F
    Using picture books, music, art and imagination, your child will begin his adventure away from mom! Small class sizes with 2 teachers (one native speaker and one bilingual Japanese teacher) and new friends, build a fun foundation for learning and social skills!

  • Kindy Course (English Kindergarten Course)

    Kindy Course (English Kindergarten Course)

    Ages: 3–6 years old
    Time: 9:30–2:00(5-6yo) 9:40–2:10(4-5yo) 9:30–2:20(3-4yo)
    Days: Monday to Friday
    Our custom, 100% English, age-appropriate curriculum is co-taught by 2 teachers (one native English speaking teacher & one bilingual Japanese staff). We motivate children to positively ask “Why?” and to discover the answers found all around them. Through exercise, music, painting and STEM we give the children the skills necessary to Grow in a free and fun atmosphere.

  • Afterschool & Saturday Courses

    Afterschool & Saturday Courses

    Age: 4 to 10
    Length: 90 / 150 min (After), 240 min (Sat)
    Days: Monday – Saturday
    English conversation classes created for children attending Japanese kindergartens and elementary schools to brush up their English level. All classes are taught 100% in English with a focus on speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We balance academic learning with active learning methods such as TPR, as well as heavy heaps of FUN!

  • GGC (Grow Grad Club) – Returnee / Advanced Class

    GGC (Grow Grad Club) – Returnee / Advanced Class

    Age: Elementary Grade 1
    Time: 4 – 6
    Days: Monday – Friday (minimum 3 days / week)
    This course is designed for children with native level speaking skills. It specializes in increasing vocabulary, reading, writing, grammar and communication. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) teaching methods are also incorporated to help children think outside of the box and use their language skills to problem solve.

無料見学・無料体験レッスンはこちら Tel.052-734-6442 [ 電話受付時間 ] 10:00-19;00 年中無休

Welcome to Grow International Preschool

Grow Staff

Grow International Preschool is an immersion based English kindergarten and early learning center located in Meito-ward, Nagoya. We focus on international education methodology with lessons that attract children’s core interests while adhering to the motto “Play, Learn, Grow!”. In a 100% English only environment we draw on children’s curiosity, imagination and support their growth! In addition to focusing the basics such as reading, writing and physical education, we have also adopted the STEM methodology (Science Technology Engineering Math) into our kindergarten & advanced lessons to harness the children’s ability to think outside of the box. We always encourage children to think of “How” they can overcome any obstacle that they face. This gives them the confidence to Grow up and tackle any challenges they will encounter in the future!

About Grow

About Preschools

What is an International Preschool?

What is an International Preschool?

An International Preschool is a kindergarten, day care center or nursery where the native language being used is English. In Japan, International Preschools are immersion based, cater to both the expat and local community and all classes are primarily taught in 100% English. Children will learn many things other than just core language skills. At Grow International Preschool, children attend from not only Nagoya but the surrounding areas such as Tenpaku ward, Chikusa ward, Showa ward, Moriyama ward, Nishin City and Nagakute City!

What about Early Education?

What about Early Education?

From birth to 6 years old, a childs brain is developing extremely rapidly. They are able to absorb the sights and sounds around them and put meaning to what they see/hear and interact with. They are continually watching and learning! They want to know “Why?”! Setting the foundations and harnessing this energy to create a lifelong love of learning is paramount to success in the future.

What kind of child grows at Grow?

What kind of child grows at Grow?

At Grow International Preschool, we offer courses tailored to each age range. We have students with us from 6 months old all the way up to Grade 5. Every course has its own curriculum that stimulates the interests of the children. We love seeing the kids absorb something new and come to school each day excited and ready to learn! We have both international expat and local families attending Grow and we work closely with parents to give their children the best global-thinking, learning and growing environment possible. At our Makinohara campus, we have students attending from Naka ward, Chikusa ward, Showa ward and other suburbs of Nagoya.


Mama Voice

Grow in 2 words? Clear & Supportive

Our daughter had a great time at Grow! She was able to learn about some Japanese cultural events and took back some Japanese customs with her when we left. We were sorry to leave! The Japanese parents were always keen to invite us along for play dates!

M-chan mama

Grow in 2 words? Fun & Learn

Unlike Japanese schools, this school did not have a stiff or rigid feeling. All staff and teachers are friendly and excited to see the kids each day. In addition there are a lot of events each season where the parents can have fun with the kids too!

Y`s mama

Grow in 2 words? Rhythm & Laughter

Its great fun to watch my son sing songs that he picked up at Grow! Sometimes he surprises me by speaking English phrases at home and I can clearly see him growing every day.

R-kun mama

Grow in 2 words? Exciting & Fun

S-chan really doesn’t like going home at the end of the day! I can see that she is really enjoying her time at Grow and we are glad that she is having fun! Im happy to hear about her many experiences throughout the day and she sings song that she learned at school in the car.

S-chan mama

Grow in 2 words? Fun & Personality

My son had a fantastic time at Grow! Im really happy that he got so much exercise in addition to trying new things! He always asks about if he is going to school if we are driving by on the weekends.

A-kun mama

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I RSVP a trial lesson or tour?
Please contact us by phone to reserve a trial esson. We accept children for trial lessons for the afterschool, GGC, Saturday and Baby & Mama courses only. At the time of inquiry, we will ask you which lesson you are interested in, your childs name, age, English experience and contact information. Toddler Preschool and Kindy Preschool courses will receive a guided school tour and info session.

Q. Are students at Grow eligible for the “Free Education & Childcare Subsidy” that is starting in October 2019?
Grow International Preschool is registered with the prefecture as a childcare facility and therefore our students are eligible to receive this subsidy! For more details about how your family may receive money for the new “Free Edcuation & Childcare Subsidy”, please check out the Preschool Education / Free Childcare page on our site: www.grow-school.com/en/subsidy

Q. How can I schedule a trial lesson or a school visit?
We accept free trial lessons and tours at any time throughout the school year, so please contact us by phone or email. We will ask you the information about which classs will best fit your child, your child's age, etc., and propose the best lesson for your child. We are waiting for you to be in touch!

Q. Will I be able to participate in the class (Baby & Mom class, Afterschool class)?
Depending on the class, the contents of what you will be able to experience at Grow International Preschool will differ slightly. Usually your child will be able to join a fun activity of singing, dancing and the classes warming up session. Baby & Mama parents will be able to experience an entire 45 min class in the safety of their parent :)

Q. What is the difference between an International School and a Japanese Kindergarten?
Within our international school, our teachers teach in a 100% English only environment. Our children enjoy their time with us and all daily activities are conducted solely in English. Other than the language differences, our International School is divided according to age appropriate classes for the kids to flourish in. Similar to Japanese Kindergartens, we have many seasonal events and Japanese cultural activities (Tanabata star festival, Grandparents day etc), thrilling Sports Day as well as presentations & school plays. There are plenty of events for you and your child to enjoy at Grow. One difference between our International School and a Japanese Kindergarten is that we offer extended childcare outside of regular hours so that working parents can have their children looked after in a safe and caring environment.

Q. Are there snacks and meals offered at the school?
We have optional delicious and healthy organic lunches that are offered to students of our daytime Toddler Preschool & Kindergarten program. In addition to meals, we have snacks that are anti-allergenic!

Q. Do you have discounts for siblings?
We offer a single membership fee per family to reduce the financial burden on families when joining Grow International Preschool. Please contact us for more information about this.

Q. Are there any special school events that parents can participate in?
We have events for families to enjoy together every season! This events are open to all children who attend Grow International Preschool and include super fun events such as Easter in April and Halloween in October. We want all of our Grow kids to have happy family environments so please come and enjoy with them!

Q. Where are most of the children attending Grow from?
We have students coming to Grow from within our own ward of Meito-ward, as well as neighbouring Chikusa-ward, Tenpaku-ward, Midori-ward and surrounding areas. As we are on the boarder of Nagoya City, Nagakute City, Nisshin City and Toyota City, we regularly have students attending from there as well! The farthest we have had to date is from Ichinomiya City which is 45 minutes away!

Q. What is Meito-Ward in Nagoya like? Our family is moving from overseas.
Meito Ward in Nagoya is a very convenient and safe area of Nagoya. It is an upper-middle class area with great parks and amenities nearby. Extremely safe and convenient for schools, shopping, highway access to get out of the city and public transportation. We are very lucky to have our International School in such a safe and convenient area!

Q.Can I enter the school from the middle of the year?
Yes your child can enroll in our school mid year depending on the childs age and which class he or she is applying for. Please keep in mind that we may need to do a speaking / literacy check prior to enrolling into our International Preschool / Kindergarten program.

Q. How can I reserve a trial lesson / school tour?
Please contact us by phone or email!

Q. Can I change the number of times my child attends classes during the week?
We can help you with scheduling depending upon class vacancy and the number of times / week your child is signed up to take lessons. Please consult with staff for changes :)

無料見学・無料体験レッスンはこちら Tel.052-734-6442 [ 電話受付時間 ] 10:00-19:00 年中無休

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