Nagoya Summer School 2018 名古屋市サマースクール

いよいよサマースクールの季節がやってきました!今年のテーマは『GROW vs. ZOMBIES』です☆海外で大人気なゲーム「Plants vs. Zombies」をベースにした攻略型のサマースクール!みんなでFlower Powerで力を生み出し、こわーいゾンビを退治しよう!どうやって退治するかな?ゾンビたちも様々なコスチュームに身を包みファンキーなゾンビ達ですよ☆みんなで力を合わせてGROWを守ろう!毎日沢山のアクティビティも盛りだくさん!もちろん毎年大好評水鉄砲ファイトも行います!!Growでしか味わえないエキサイティングな夏を目一杯楽しみ、皆で一緒に思い出に残る夏にしよう!☆♪

Its that time of year again! Time for our annual summer school! This years awesome theme is [GROW vs. ZOMBIES]. You might recognize this from the extremely popular hit smartphone game called [Plants vs Zombies]. By combining their flower power, kids will be able to learn about fun plants and flowers, make some traps as well as work together to team up and take on the zombies! Each day is packed with fun and exciting activities that your child will only be able to experience at Grow! Of course we will have our yearly water fight in the park as well! We all look forward to having fun with you! Braaaiiiinnnnssss.

Growキッズ外申し込み期間 5月7日(月)

Growキッズ以外申し込み期間 5月14日(月)〜定員になり次第受付終了

7月23日〜7月27日 (月〜金)
7月30日〜8月3日 (月〜金)
AM10:00 〜 PM2:00
※延長あり(AM8:30 〜 PM6:00)

グローのトドラー(1才半 〜 3才)
グローの生徒さん(年少 〜 小学5年生)
一般の方(年少 〜 小学3年生) ※若干名とさせて頂きます

18名 (年少〜)

25,000円 1週間
50,000円 2週間
※兄弟割引あり: 2人目から20%OFF

1週間 + 15,000円 
2週間 + 30,000円 




Grow student RSVP from May 7th, 2018.
Non-Grow student RSVP from May 14th, 2018.
#Depending upon seat availability.

Week 1:
7/23 ~ 7/27 (Mon – Fri)
Week 2:
7/30 ~ 8/3 (Mon – Fri)
AM10:00 〜 PM2:00
#Full Day Extensions Available (AM8:30 〜 PM6:00)

Grow Toddlers (1.5 – 3yo)
Grow Students (K1 – Elem Gr 5)
Non-Grow Kids (K1 – Gr 3) *LIMITED SPACES

18 students per class (K1 ~)
10 students per class (Toddlers 1.5 ~ 3)
※ Each class is taught by 1 native English teacher & 1 bilingual Japanese teacher.

25,000円(1 week)
50,000円(both weeks)
※Siblings receive a 20% discount.

Optional Extended Care(8:30〜18:00)
1 Week = Tuition + 15,000
2 Weeks = Tuition + 30,000

Students can bring a lunch from home or order a school lunch. School lunches are 360円 per day. We cannot provide school lunches for children with allergies. School lunches must be ordered by 7/15 at the latest.

Registration Policy
To register, Grow Students must write their name at reception. This is a temporary RSVP. Grow students will receive an invoice and in order to finalize and secure the reservation, the invoice must be paid by remittance within 2 days. Non-Grow students are required to complete an application form, submit it at the front desk and remit payment within 2 days in order to finalize the reservation. Please note that after finalization of payment is received, the reservation will be subject to the cancellation policy of the school.

We do not take reservations by phone or accept cash. Please come in person to RSVP and receive bank remittance information.