International School Courses

Grow International Preschool is located in Meito-ward, Nagoya. It is conveniently based in Meito-ward which is an area of Nagoya that is renowned for providing quality educational options for students as well as great amenities. A quick 5 minute bus ride from Hoshigaoka station on the Higashiyama line, we cater to bilingual and Japanese students coming from overseas as well as areas such as Meito, Chikusa, Nishin, Nagakute and Tempaku wards. Our students are from 6 months to Elementary students. We have a variety of classes including preschool & daycare (1.5 – 3 year olds), International Kindergarten (4 – 6 year olds), Baby & Mama classes (6 months – 24 months), afterschool and Saturday English lessons. We provide extended daycare for busy students from 8:30 to 18:00pm.

All lessons are 100% in English with an emphasis on having fun while learning! Lets GROW!

Course Quick Links Below

Age Course Options
6 – 24 Months Baby & Mama Course
1.5 – 3 Years Old Toddler Preschool Course
4 – 6 Years Old International Kindergarten
Afterschool Classes
Saturday Classes
7 + Years Afterschool Classes
Saturday Classes

Baby & Mama Course

Watching, listening, learning. As your child explores the environment and influences around them, they are is always keeping a careful eye on you to see your reactions to new things! Our Baby & Mama course at Grow is designed to provide fun and carefully balanced educational activities for both of you to enjoy together in a stress free and safe environment with your teacher. Singing, Dancing, Language Development and Crafts await the two of you to have fun and experience together!

  • Songs, Dancing, Rhythmic
  • Flash Cards, Memory Training
  • Colors, Shapes, Numbers
  • Storybooks
  • Crafts, Painting
  • Baby Signing
  • Other various activities which stimulate the senses
Age 6 – 24 Months
Duration 45 Minutes
Days / Week Wed(PM) Thu(AM)

With Mama

Your child will enjoy the class in the safety and security of having you there too :)

100% English

Have fun learning new songs, increasing vocabulary and dances; all in English!

Begin Early

Starting your childs experiences early leads to better pronunciation, vocabulary and understanding.

Get 25,000 Yen

All graduates that attend 3 months or more of the Baby & Mama course receive 25,000 yen towards their Toddler Preschool registration fee.

Toddler Preschool Course

Our goal at Grow International Preschool is to engage and educate your child. Every activity is an opportunity for young children to develop knowledge, skill and a positive attitude towards learning. We implement a unique preschool curriculum carefully designed to balance the traditional and the innovative, domestic and multicultural, which prompts the enthusiasm necessary for your child to excel in the many years of school ahead. We aim to expose your child to many new and exciting experiences, which will result in a feeling of success, increased self-confidence and the discovery of their own strengths both socially and individually!

Age 1.5 – 3 Years Old
Duration 9:30 – 1:30 (8:30 – 6:00)
Days / Week Mon - Fri (From 2days)
8:30 ~ 18:00 Extensions Available
To help working parents, we offer extensions until 18:00. Of course our extensions are all in English! Kids will be able to have fun playing outside, doing crafts, having snacks and enjoying time with friends and teachers :)
Team Teaching / "Team Growing"

At Grow we incorporate a “Team Teaching & Team Growing” system. Each class has 1 Native English speaker and 1 Assistant Japanese teacher. Of course we have certified Early Childhood Educators to Grow your child.

We work closely with parents (Team Growing) to overcome the various hurdles toddlers face such as:

  • toilet training
  • “terrible twos” behaviour
  • manners & personal hygene
Daily Reports & Secure Daily Blog
Each and every day our teachers provide you with a report about your child to keep you informed about your childs experiences with us! We also do daily updates to our secure daily blog which is only accessible by parents (and grandparents!).
No Registration Fee For Toddler Graduates
Children graduating from the Toddler preschool program into the Kindergarten program are not required to pay registration fees.
Small "Teacher:Student" Ratio
We believe that the best way to provide the best possible care for your child is to keep our numbers low. This is why we have a 1:5 teacher-student ratio with a maximum class size of 10 children.
School Lunch Service
For children that dont want to bring their lunch from home, we provide healthy daily lunches.


Kindergarten is a very exciting time for children! Our International Kindergarten course is team taught 100% in English with a focus on expression, world-thinking and creativity. Our international curriculum incorporates well-balanced activities wherein the children can learn through play! Gymnastics, music, basic math, literacy and art are all practiced with a heavy influence on fun!

Age 3 – 6 Year Olds
Duration K3 9:30 - 14:00
K2 9:40 - 14:10
K1 9:50 - 14:20
※Extended care applicable
Days / Week Mon - Fri

Full-time English

At Grow we provide a fun and safe 100% English only environment for your child to flourish.

World Culture

Your child can experience a wide variety of Japanese and international customs.

Well balanced Curriculum

Our custom curriculum incorporates a healthy balance of developmental goals including literacy, social skills, creativity, large motor skills and language aquisition.
Also its a lot of fun!

Extensions Available 8:30 - 18:00

To help working parents we have extension plans available to increase your childs time with us to 9.5 hours per day!

What do we do in our Afterschool and Saturday Classes?

Q&A / Grammar
Reading & Writing

Afterschool Classes

The after school courses offered at Grow are designed for children who are already attending Japanese school in the mornings. The after school courses are theme based and cover a full range of regular criteria including TPR, Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. All classes are taught in a fun and natural 100% “English Only” environment by their native speaking teacher. Both the regular and long courses are excellent ways to increase your child’s fluency, comfort ability and confidence using the English language.

Age K1(sho) - Elementary students
Duration 90 or 150 Minutes
Days / Week Monday – Friday

Saturday Classes

The Saturday Course is for children who wish to experience a full day of preschool life here at Grow International Preschool but do not have a chance to do so during the week. Throughout the day, your child will take-on educational and challenging theme based activities, brush up on their reading and writing skills and eat lunch with new friends!

As this is a full Preschool day, there is much more time to engage your child in activities such as baking/cooking, science adventure walks to the local park and targeted curriculum based projects!

Age K1(sho) - Elementary students
Duration 10:00 ~ 2:00
Days / Week Saturdays

How to get your free trial lesson

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  • Course Counselling

    We will help you decide what is the best course for your child.

  • Schedule Your Trial

    We have various courses throughout the week and are happy to accomodate your schedule.

  • Free Trial Lesson

    Have fun and come by for your free trial lesson! Of course any questions you may have about Grow, you can ask away!