February Preschool Life!

We had a great time this month studying “Around Me”! The Kindy kids started off by making their own Takoyaki shop! How much is this? Do you want mayonnaise? Here you are!

CIMG6036 CIMG6048

The toddler kids did a fun cooking activity for their mamas! Lots of gluing and pasting 🙂 ♪

CIMG1666 CIMG1668

We later had a great time playing in our home-made obstacle course and doing a fun game called the “Bamboo Dance”! Be sure to time things right so that you dont get your feet squished!

CIMG4373 CIMG8548

We also had a family fieldtrip this month ♪ We went to a trampoline house and learned about how certain things bounce and dont bounce based on their weight 🙂 Fun science!

CIMG3034 CIMG5834 CIMG3096 CIMG5928 CIMG5990 CIMG5991

Even the little toddlers wanted to jump into the foam pit 🙂

Finally we had a BIIIG event! We did a Japanese traditional holiday called “Setsubun”. Monsters come and try to eat the kids but the kids band together and fight the monster by throwing beans at it! They did very well to overcome their fears!

CIMG3913 CIMG3907

We had a great time with you and we look forward to the next month! Let’s GROW♪

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