Baby & Mama Halloween 2021 Campaign!

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ベビー&ママコース ハロウィーンキャンペーン実施中!!10月31日まで!!

いよいよハロウィーンがやってきますね♫グローでは毎年ハロウィーンイベントも盛大に行っていますよ!「Trick or Treat」と言ってご近所をパレードしたり、グローがお化け屋敷に大変身したり・・・・。楽しいイベント盛りだくさん!今年はどんな仮装をしようかな?と迷っているお母様も多いはず!とっても可愛いキッズたちの仮装を見るのが楽しみです!



もちろんその後のトドラーコースへの移行もスムーズですよ☆是非この機会に一緒にLet’s Grow♪

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Halloween is coming up and its one of our favorite times of year! We have so many fun events for families to enjoy such as our annual Halloween trick or treat parade, super scary haunted house and pumpkin carving. What better way to get ready for these fun events than to have a special Baby & Mama Halloween campaign!

We invite you and your baby to come to a fun trial lesson to check us out. If you have a great time, quote this campaign and you will receive a reduced registration fee of ¥5,100 —> ¥500! Of course all baby & mama students can move up to the toddler preschool smoothly as well 🙂 The baby & mama class is for children aged 6 months to 24 months.

Hurry up and RSVP your free trial day as spaces are limited and the campaign ends on 10/31! Let`s Grow!
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Baby & Mama Halloween 2021 Campaign!2021 SUMMER FESTIVAL
Baby & Mama Halloween 2021 Campaign!2021 Kindy Sport day